Thursdays will be a Blast. All the roads bring you to Vienna Beer Olympics!

This edition of Vienna Beer Olympics comes as a novelty in Viennese nightlife. Teams will be competing each other into drinking games and the champions will be rewarded, as the best beer-drinkers deserve to be treated.

We have chosen the most popular and fun drinking games for this night that involve drinking, dancing, laughing and creating memories. As all our events, “Vienna Beer Olympics “ is not about who has the biggest muscles but it is about having fun, about making new friends, drinking with your old and new friends, playing as a team and then dancing and having a blast.

Regardless if you are a boy or a girl, Austrian or German, American or British, Irish or Scottish, New Zealander or Aussie, French or Italian, Russian or Swedish, Dutch or Danish ect this night will be MAD and full of surprises.



  • Free warm up drinks
  • Free drinks during the games
  • Games & Challenges
  • Free entrance in CLUB LOCO


Whether you come with your own team or you come as a single person, YOU WILL NEVER DRINK ALONE


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