Beer Tasting

Vienna’s inner-city back streets hide a new alternative craft beer culture with its craft beer breweries and bars offering world-class products. Join our team of experienced craft beer enthusiasts that will guide you into one of Vienna’s hot-spots for craft beer in a 90 min BEER TASTING TOUR (starting at 19:00) where you will sample 4 different local high quality beers. Along the tour different snacks will be provided in order to find the perfect combination between different styles of beer and food. Get an insight on the craft beer scene in Vienna, learn how Beer and Vienna shape and influence each other and spend some fun time with other locals or internationals.

Learn about beer

This 90-min beer tasting experience is a great opportunity to get your first steps into the Craft Beer Culture, learn about the brewing process and the difference between top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers and get to discuss about 4 main beer styles.

Taste & Enjoy

There is no better way to understand beer, except of enjoying it, and that is why you will be trying 4 local craft beers. During the tasting experience, you will find out how the local breweries are adding to the beers a sense of their place by creating unique or flavourful new styles.

Pair Food & Beer

A variety of snacks (almond chocolates, cheese etc) will be provided, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the combination of different styles of beer and food. In addition to that, every guest will receive a discount voucher for Mel’s Craft Beer & Diner well-known delicious burgers.


After the tasting, take part in an interactive challenge that might make you winner of a surprise gift and walk with the group to another popular pub in a historical sight, the Judenplatz