The months leading up to a wedding are an essential time to be spent with your loved ones.

Our goal is to help you relax and organize bachelor or bachelorette party that you will never forget

From a Beer Tasting event to set the mood of the night, to a club crawl, to a strip show – we’ve got you covered.

Check out the deals below and contact us for more info:

Pub Crawl 12 per person

Join an exciting pub crawl of the best and best-known pubs and clubs in Vienna. Enjoy plenty of free drinks, take part in party games and fun challenges, and benefit from skip-the-line privileges.

Meet up to 50 other travelers in your group, and learn about the city’s vibrant nightlife scene as you drink your way around town.

Private Tour 15 per person

Book the ultimate bar crawl in Vienna and discover the go-to drinking dens around the heart of the city. Perfect if you’re new to Vienna, this crawl visits four carefully selected bars, plus a club, and includes drinks in each one. Experience the city’s exciting nightlife with awesome local guides.

Pub Crawl+Beer Tasting 30 per person

Vienna’s inner-city back streets hide a new alternative craft beer culture with its craft beer breweries and bars offering world-class products. Our experienced team members will guide you into one of Vienna’s hot-spots for craft beer in a 90 min BEER TASTING TOUR (starting at 19:00) where you will sample 4 different local high quality beers. After the Beer Tasting, you will join the Pub Crawl to set for a legendary night that you will always remember.


Additional services

We are working for you, therefore our main priority is to make you have a great night, so we have prepared an extra service: STRIP SHOW.

You can enjoy exceptional girl’s attention granted just to you, as well as a dance given just for you in a private VIP environment with no other people!


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